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Find out about professional licensure before starting an academic program at Immaculata University.

Requirements for professional licensure in fields such as accounting, education, and nursing vary from state to state. Immaculata University’s academic programs listed below are designed to meet Pennsylvania’s licensure requirements and may not meet requirements from other states. Before beginning any academic program that leads to licensure, IU highly recommends that you contact the appropriate state licensing board where you wish to seek licensure to determine whether the program you are considering will meet that state’s licensing requirements.

Completion of a IU degree program does not guarantee employment in any profession. Prior to enrollment, students are responsible for confirming all education, testing, and licensing requirements in their chosen field.

Criminal Background Information: Some states’ laws require a criminal background check and may disqualify an individual from obtaining licensure if the individual has been convicted of certain crimes. If you have a criminal background, please check with the appropriate state licensing board where you wish to work for more information.

  • Accounting: Immaculata University offers a Bachelor of Science in accounting. This program is designed to help students prepare for the CPA Exam in Pennsylvania, a candidate is required to have successfully completed 150 credits prior to sitting for the CPA Exam. Click here to see additional requirements to obtain a CPA in Pennsylvania.
  • Athletic Training: Immaculata University prepares individuals for Athletic Training licensure in the State of Pennsylvania. Students are required to pass the BOC certification exam, as well as state licensure. Click here for additional information.
  • Education Programs: Immaculata University offers a number of programs to prepare students for Pennsylvania teacher certification and advancement educators credentials. Immaculata University’s Certification Office serves the entire university community seeking Pennsylvania Department of Education certification in programs offered by Immaculata University. These programs include: school counselors, school psychologists, and school administrators. Click here to obtain the full list of requirements for certification and support.
  • Music Therapy: Immaculata University prepares students to become music therapists. Students should complete the CBMT for board certification. Click here for additional information.
  • Nursing: Immaculata offers programs to prepare students to sit for initial licensure. Individuals are required to complete the NCLEX and applied to the state in which they wish to be licensed. Click here for additional information on becoming licensed in the State of Pennsylvania.
  • Nutrition: Immaculata University prepares students to become registered dietitians in the State of Pennsylvania. Students must complete a Dietetic Internship (DI) and pass the CDR Registered Dietitian Exam. They can then apply for state licensure
  • Psychology: Immaculata University prepares students to become psychologists in the State of Pennsylvania. Students will need to sit for the EPP national exam as well as the state examination. Click here for more information from the State Board of Psychology.


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